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The Upper Division
Parent Guidelines

Parents are welcome to observe classes through the observation window. No parents are permitted to enter into any studio without an invitation from the teacher. Please be aware that at times the blinds may be closed if the teacher feels that the dancers are becoming distracted by any activity outside of the class. The blinds remaining open or being closed is at the sole discretion of each teacher.

As the teaching of any art form is a difficult and delicate affair, we understand that we may have policies and expectations with which you are unfamiliar. So, if you have any questions regarding why we do things the way we do, simply schedule a time to talk to our
Artistic Director, Nanci Hammond. We have always welcomed a straight forward conversation about any of our programs as it also affords us the opportunity to improve them and reflect on ourselves. There is never any reason for any parent to discuss or comment on any dancer in our program; except in a positive manner. Any parent who participates in starting rumors of any kind or engages in any manner of malicious conversation, true or not, will run the risk of being asked to leave this school. This includes, but is not limited to, any discussions or posts on all electronic or social media ie: facebook, e-mails, blogs, twitter, texting, snapchat, instagram, etc. With this in mind, please remember that no value can be created by complaining to another parent regarding our teaching process…. simply schedule a conference with Nanci.

Additionally, in order to ensure that our school is a safe and focused place where each artist, regardless of age, can direct their complete energy to the art they are pursuing, any activity that disrupts or distracts this learning environment, in any way, is not permitted. All cell phones must be turned off while taking or observing classes. Further, while at
The Pac, all cell phone calls you feel obliged to take or make, being your own personal matter, should be taken outside of the building, please. Additionally, all school lobbies, hallways and the kitchen, being community areas, need to stay clean and reasonably quiet. No viewing of movies, videos, Utube, etc., may be done using the external speakers of any personal device (phone, iPad, etc.) – headsets must be worn for this purpose at all times - by everyone- (adult or child), please.


Please read all of the student guidelines and make sure that your child understands that the training at this school is formidable and that everyone, both parent and artist, is prepared to fulfill their particular responsibilities.

The true happiness and progress of your child is our common goal. While we are totally committed to serving every dancer who trains here, we are painfully aware that we are not infallible and might have inadvertently overlooked something or someone. If you disagree with any decision we have made or don’t understand any aspect of our school’s policies, please schedule a conference with the appropriate Department Head and Nanci Hammond to discuss your concerns. Please feel free to schedule a parent/teacher or a parent/teacher/student meeting as soon as you see a problem. The training to become a performing artist is, at best, a complicated matter of juggling your mind, body and spirit. It is very easy to become intimidated or confused, thinking the teacher hates you or a sundry of other things. The quickest way to solve this problem is to never let it become a problem. That is the purpose of a conference. If there is an issue of any kind, please do not hesitate to schedule a conference.


Tuition is due no later than the 15th of each month. Your tuition is amortized over the entire year and is broken down into 10 equal payments. The first tuition payment is due August 15, 2016 with the last installment will be due May 15, 2017.

If you cannot pay your tuition installment on time, you must make other arrangements with the
Artistic /Administrative Director, Nanci Hammond. She is the only person that can alter your financial agreement. Please do not speak with any other person regarding this issue. Please note: If you haven’t made your tuition payment or had a personal conversation with Nanci by the 20 of the month, we will make a phone call home to remind you that your payment is overdue. If by the 22nd we still have not received your tuition, a 10% fee will be added to your tuition payment. If by the 25th your tuition still has not been settled, we will call advising you that your son/daughter will not be allowed back into class until your tuition payment plus the additional 10% late fee, has been received. We are very sorry but there can be no credits or refund


Any family that needs financial assistance may apply for financial aid by completely filling out the Financial Aid Application. All dancers receiving financial help from either The Michael Peters Scholarship Fund, The Jessica Rawles Scholarship Fund or The Sallie Whalen Scholarship Award will be considered on scholarship at The Performing Arts Center. As such, the following guidelines will apply:
1). Your child may not study dance anywhere else without written
permission from the Artistic Director.
2). Your child must take all of their scheduled classes.
3). You will be asked and expected to help at all of The Performing Arts
Center’s events.
4). Any dancers or parents of dancers receiving financial help who do
not uphold the standards of this school will have their scholarship
immediately revoked. This and all decisions regarding your
scholarship will be made at the sole discretion of the Board of


In October, we will invite you to attend an open house where you may sit in class as it is being taught and observe both your child and the teacher. We will be asking that each parent reserve a place in the class that they would like to watch. We will allow each parent to observe each of their children’s classes only once. The amount of parents observing per class will also be limited and will be on a first come first served basis. We will be sending home more information regarding this event in September.
For the safety and happiness of all of the people who use this facility, we must respectfully remind you that this is a serious school not a playground or Day Care Center. Any child not here for class must be directly supervised by an adult. We will expect the same respect and behavior of all people who enter our school irrespective of their age. There is no ball playing or rough housing at any time.


In order to protect all of our artists’ work, as well as all of our teacher’s and dancer’s privacy, at no time will any video footage or still photographs of any of The Performing Arts Center’s classes, performances or rehearsals be allowed to be filmed, used, published or posted on any electronic media, including but not limited to; facebook, YouTube, twitter, Instagram, snapchat, etc. unless the following guidelines are strictly followed:
1). All teachers and choreographers at the Performing Arts Center own
their own work (Intellectual Property) and must grant permission
before any portion of their work may be published or re-produced in
any and all forms.
2). Absolutely no choreographic, performance or class footage shot at
The Performing Arts Center, or any of it’s events, may be posted on any
electronic or social media unless it has first been posted on The
Performing Arts Center’s social media pages (Instagram, facebook,
UTube etc.) and is being
re-posted from same.
3). Everyone will be expected to post responsibly. No pictures may be
posted of any artist studying at The Performing Arts Center that
causes them any type of embarrassment or is unflattering or
compromising in any way.
4). At the request of the Artistic Director, or their representative, all
posts or footage involving any artist at The Performing Arts
Center must be immediately take down if deemed unsuitable. This
decision will be made at the Artistic Director’s sole discretion.


Please DO NOT PARK IN THE FRONT PARKING LOT for any reason! DO NOT DROP – OFF IN THE FRONT PARKING LOT! DO NOT PARK IN THE HANDICAP PARKING SPACES unless displaying the appropriate handicap signage. You may park in the back parking lot or on the street. There is also parking permitted on the west side of the alley behind our building (that is the side closest to the buildings). Please be sure not to block any of our neighbor’s driveways or your car will be towed. Please inform anyone responsible for driving your children about our parking policy.