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The Upper Division
Student Guidelines

An $85.00 pre-registration/insurance fee must be paid, as well as a current registration card, a signed Upper Division Student / Parent Agreement, and a signed Liability Release on file before classes may be started.

Attendance of all of a student’s classes is mandatory. The teacher of that particular class must excuse all absences from class. Absences due to illness or other special circumstances may be excused upon receipt of a phone call from the student prior to the beginning of class. All missed classes must be made up. In order to take pointe classes, Ballet IV, Va, Vb, VI, and VII must attend a minimum of two technique classes a week. Please be aware that attendance will be a strong consideration when assigning parts for any performance throughout the year. In addition, any dancer missing more than 20% of their classes during the year should not expect to move to a more advanced level after the term ends in June. The attendance of each different class will be considered separately.


All Levels White tee shirt or leotard, belted black tights, dance belt,
White ballet slippers and white socks.
BALLET I Black / camisole & So Danca Pink Ballet Slippers
BALLET II Black / camisole & So Danca Pink Ballet Slippers
BALLET III Black / camisole
BALLET IV Black / camisole
BALLET Va & Vb Black / halter
BALLET VI Black / halter
BALLET VII Black / halter

All female students are required to wear pink transition tights, pink ballet slippers and/or pink toe shoes. All shoes must be checked for proper fit. Ballet slippers and Pointe shoes must be checked by Irene, Nancy or Terri before sewing on the ribbons. In order to insure exact style and color, all tights and leotards must be purchased through Karabel Dancewear (Burbank). Hair must be securely fastened in a bun. Heavy jewelry is not permitted.
JAZZ Black tights, leggings, unitard, Lycra jazz pants (no shorts or bike pants), any top that does not cover the waist, jazz shoes. Jazz VI & VII (women) Shoes: Heels
TAP Teacher’s discretion. Shoes: Oxford Tap Shoe with 3
screw taps (not nails) Tap VI & VII (women) Shoes:
Oxfords and a pair of Character Tap Heels.
MODERN Teacher’s discretion
HIP - HOP Athletic style tennis shoes and kneepad


All students must arrive on time, dressed in clean appropriate attire (see dress code) and sign themselves in at the front desk prior to entering the classroom. Out of courtesy and respect for their teachers and classmates, students arriving late must stand just inside the door of the studio until invited to participate in class. Depending on how much of the class they have missed, the teacher may, in order to prevent injury, ask the student to observe class that day. Dancers improperly dressed, including the wrong color leotard, may not be permitted to take class that day. This decision will be left to the teacher’s discretion.
Obviously, if this occurs with any frequency, a conference will be scheduled to discuss the matter. Additionally, once class begins, students may not leave class without getting permission from the teacher first. If for any reason a student must leave class early, they must communicate this to the teacher before the class begins. There is NO food, drink, or gum chewing allowed in any of the studios at any time. Water bottles with screw on tops are acceptable.


All students, regardless of age, must change in the dressing room; bathroom stalls may not be used to change clothes. All students at The Performing Arts Center must be courteous to each other; respectful of all parents, faculty and staff. You must maintain quiet in the lobby while waiting for class. Students are expected to pick-up after themselves and to co-operate fully with keeping the building clean. All food and drinks, including snacks, must be consumed in the kitchen area, please. No food or drinks are allowed in either the dressing rooms or the bathrooms. Students are also reminded that everyone has come here to train and are expected to direct their full energies to their studies (not just dance classes), maintain self-discipline, and a positive attitude. There is never any reason to discuss anyone’s progress but your own. Any dancer who participates in starting rumors or is engaged in any type of malicious behavior or bullying of any kind will risk the possibility of being dismissed from this school. This includes, but is not limited to, any posts or discussions on any and all electronic and social media; i.e. facebook, e-mails, blogs, tweets, texting, etc.
Additionally, in order to ensure that our school is a safe and focused place where each artist, regardless of age, can direct their complete energy to the art they are pursuing, any activity that disrupts or distracts this learning environment, in any way, is not permitted. All cell phones must be turned off while taking or observing classes. Further, while at The Pac, all cell phone calls you feel obliged to take or make, being your own personal matter, should be taken outside of the building (front porch), please. Additionally, all school lobbies, hallways and the kitchen, being community areas, need to stay clean and reasonably quiet. No viewing of movies, videos, Utube, etc., may be done using the external speakers of any personal device (phone, iPad, etc.) – headsets must be worn for this purpose at all times - by everyone- (adult or child), please.


In May and June, each dancer will be evaluated based on the syllabus for their present level. In order to move to the next class level, not only will each dancer be expected to be technically proficient, they will also be required to demonstrate an artistic understanding of how to dance each step. This will be especially strict in the more advanced levels. Age, physical facility, strength, and flexibility will also be important determining factors in
these decisions. Since the training at The Performing Arts Center is designed for a professional application, it is very important for each dancer to understand and accept that there is the possibility that, based on limitations either physically or ones dictated by schedule, they may not progress past a certain level at this school. All dancers
should understand that advancing in each discipline is usually based on spending at least one year in each level. Please be aware that in the more advanced levels, it may often take two or three years to develop all the skills necessary to advance to the next level.
We will hold one formal Class Placement Evaluation each year. Please check your calendar for the specific dates. Each dancer participating in the evaluation, will receive a letter stating that you are either ready to work at the next level or that you should continue working in the level in which you are presently enrolled. If you do not get a confirmation that you are moving to a new level or if a conference is requested, you should continue taking classes in the level in which you were evaluated. If there are extenuating circumstances that make it impossible for you to participate in the evaluation, please speak to your teacher as soon as possible. Please be aware that there are no “make-up” evaluations. If you do miss your Evaluation Class, for any reason, the teacher of the class, the teachers in that particular discipline, the Department Head and the Artistic Director, will decide your class placement. Their collective decision will be final. As always, if any dancer feels that they have been overlooked for any reason, please schedule a conference with us as soon as possible. Each style of dance will be considered separately.
Additionally, in February each teacher will fill out a
Progress Report regarding each dancer’s progress to date. We will be mailing this Progress Report home by the second week in March. This will give your family an opportunity to have a conversation regarding your child’s progress and give everyone the chance to discuss any concerns you might have. If any teacher feels that a dancer is ready to move to a different level before our formal evaluations in June, we reserve the right to evaluate and move any dancer at our own discretion. We will, as a matter of course, be checking with all of the teachers during the Summer Session and again in January, right after the Winter Break, regarding this matter.
A special note:
It is important for each dancer in “The Upper Division Program” to realize that once you have been moved to a more advanced level of dancing, you must keep the same work habits, energy and commitment that made studying at the next level possible. If a dancer becomes distracted, looses their focus, has attendance problems or their work consistently falls below their class level, they will be asked to have a conference with the teacher of that class, the Department Head and the Artistic Director. This meeting will determine if this dancer should continue in their new level or be asked to return to their previous class level. This policy will be particularly strict for dancers in the more advanced levels.
Additionally, all dancers who have been moved to the next more challenging level in either Ballet, Jazz, Tap or Hip-Hop will be required to take the minimum required classes during the summer in order to remain in those new levels come August when the new Session begins. Any dancer not fulfilling these summer requirements, for any reason, will begin the Fall Session in the same level that they are presently working in even if they were moved to the next more challenging level after Evaluations. This does not mean, however, that if a dancer does not meet the summer requirement that they will spend another year in their present level. Simply that they will be required to get their work back to the same level when evaluated in June before being permitted to study in the new class level come fall. While we are aware that some of our more advanced dancers will be attending “Summer Programs” during this time, in order for this requirement to be fulfilled an informal discussion regarding the program they are attending will need to take place between the dancer, myself, and the Department Head of that particular dance discipline.


As part of our dancer’s training, The Performing Arts Center puts on two performances a year. In December, we present “The Gift”. Any Ballet, Jazz, or Tap levels IV–VII, Hip-Hop IV–VI, Modern and singers in the Voice Workshop are invited to perform. In the spring the entire Upper Division performs in “The Spring Showcase.” As we understand that everyone’s schedule is very busy, we will conduct almost all of our rehearsals during regular class time. The exceptions are: The first Dress Rehearsal which is held here at The PAC, a Run-Thru during the performance week, also held at The PAC and our Final Dress Rehearsal held in the performance space. All of these rehearsals are crucial to our performances and we expect that you will adjust your schedules in order to participate in any and all rehearsals. Please be aware that in order to perform, all artists must attend the Final Dress Rehearsal! Once the number is blocked on stage, any artist not rehearsed on stage will compromise the performance for all of the other artists. Therefore, if you miss this Final Dress Rehearsal, you will give up the privilege of performing in the show, regardless of the reason. There are no exceptions.
Additionally, if after signing your contract to perform, you choose to break your agreement with us by missing either the
Final Dress Rehearsal or any of the Performances, you will not be eligible to perform with our school for the next two regular performances. To clarify further, this means that if you drop out of “The Gift” then you will not be eligible to dance in “The Spring Showcase” or “The Gift” performances the following year. The same applies for “The Spring Showcase”. If you drop out of “The Spring Showcase” then you will not be eligible to dance in “The Gift” or “The Spring Showcase” performances the following year. If you choose to break your contract with us a second time, we will ask you to find another place to study. Again, participating in any performance at this school is voluntary and a privilege; it is not a required part of our curriculum.
All seniors in high school that have progressed through our program and are working in the top levels of the school (Ballet VII, Jazz VII, Tap VII and Hip-Hop VI) will be given the opportunity to perform in “The Senior Showcase” in June. We will notify all eligible dancers regarding the details of this show.


In order to protect all of our artists’ work, as well as all of our teacher’s and dancer’s privacy, at no time will any video footage or still photographs of any of The Performing Arts Center’s classes, performances or rehearsals be allowed to be filmed, used, published or posted on any electronic media, including but not limited to; facebook, YouTube, twitter, Instagram, snapchat, etc. unless the following guidelines are strictly followed:
1). All teachers and choreographers at the Performing Arts Center own their own work (Intellectual Property) and must grant permission before any portion of their work may be published or re-produced in any and all forms.
2). Absolutely no choreographic, performance or class footage shot at the Performing Arts Center, or any of it’s events may be posted on any electronic or social media unless it has first been posted on The Performing Arts Center’s social media pages (Instagram, facebook, UTube, etc.) and is being
re-posted from same.
3). Everyone will be expected to post responsibly. No pictures may be posted of any artist studying at The Performing Arts Center that causes them any type of embarrassment or is unflattering or compromising in any way.
4). At the request of the Artistic Director, or their representative, all posts or footage involving any artist at The Performing Arts Center must be immediately take down if deemed unsuitable. This decision will be made at the Artistic Director’s sole discretion.


Any family that needs financial assistance may apply by completely filling out the Financial Aid Application. All dancers receiving financial help from either The Michael Peters Scholarship Fund, The Jessica Rawles Scholarship Fund or The Sallie Whalen Scholarship Award will be considered on scholarship at The Performing Arts Center. As such, the following guidelines will apply:
1). You may not study dance anywhere else without written permission from the Artistic Director.
2). You must take all of your scheduled classes.
3). You will be asked and will be expected to help at all of The Performing Arts Center’s events.
4). Any dancers or parents of dancers receiving financial help who do not uphold the standards of this school will have their scholarship immediately revoked. This and all decisions regarding your scholarship will be made at the sole discretion of the Board of Directors.


Students are encouraged to take extra classes. During the school term, you may take any class below your present level with the teacher’s permission. There is no additional cost. This does not apply during the Summer Session. No student may take a class higher than their assigned level without permission from the Director of that Department. If a dancer has been invited to take a class in a level more advanced than their present level, please note that when it comes time for either “The Gift” or “The Spring Showcase” performances, they will only be performing in their present class level. The obvious exception will be if a dancer is understudying a dance where an understudy becomes needed. The Board of Directors will make any decision regarding understudies.

Any student who has left “The Upper Division Program” is always welcome to rejoin the program. In order to do this, a dancer must first schedule a conference with the Head of the particular Departments that they are interested in rejoining as well as the Artistic Director. Every dancer rejoining the Ballet, Jazz, Tap or Hip-Hop programs, must be prepared to start their classes at least one level below the level they were working in when they left the program.

Dancers who are interested in auditioning for either Summer Ballet Programs or other Summer Dance Camps are encouraged to do so with the approval of both the Program and Artistic Directors. It is crucial for serious dancers (especially serious ballet dancers) considering this opportunity, to be ready and matched with a program that they will benefit from and more importantly, will not hurt them; either physically or emotionally. If you are interested in studying in this type of program, which in many cases we will encourage, please schedule a conference with the appropriate Department Head and the Artistic Director.


Students in any discipline from levels IV–VII may use the lockers at no charge. The lockers are shared and must be assigned by the front desk. Dancers should use the lockers to store extra tights, leotards, shoes, needle and thread, scissors, band-aids, hair spray, etc. Valuables should not be stored in the lockers. ALL DANCE BAGS AND SCHOOL BOOKS MUST BE BROUGHT INSIDE THE CLASSROOM WITH EACH STUDENT. No food or drink may be stored in your locker or is allowed in the dressing room or in the bathroom at any time. As there are a limited number of lockers, they will be assigned on a first come first served basis. Sorry, The Performing Arts Center is not responsible for any lost or stolen articles.