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The Teen Company

The Performing Arts Center ‘s “Teen Company” is designed to allow the serious- minded advanced dancer to hone their art by working in a more focused manner with accomplished professionals, find freedom in their artistic expression through performance opportunities, as well as cultivating a deeper understanding of themselves as the artists and leaders of our future.


Agreeing to participate in“ The Teen Company” is strictly voluntary and should never be construed as a requirement to be a part of any program at The Performing Arts Center. Your membership in “The Teen Company” in no way will ever affect your current class level, or guarantee you any part in any of The Performing Arts Center’s shows. If at any time, for any reason, you choose to leave the company, your relationship with The Performing Arts Center Artistic Director, teachers, and “The Teen Company” administration will in no way be jeopardized.


As a Company Member, as well as an Advanced Dancer at The Performing Arts Center, you will be expected to maintain the high standard of training in which our school takes pride. This includes your work habits, attitude, commitment and setting an example for all of the other dancers studying in our programs; especially while taking class.
If at any time any Company Member engages in or starts rumors, becomes disrespectful of the school, fellow dancers, teachers, or choreographers, you will be immediately dismissed from the company. This also includes but is not limited to, any slander or maliciousness as expressed through any and all electronic and social media i.e.: e-mail, text messages, facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, etc. As a “Teen Company Member,” your work ethic and positive attitude is crucial and needs to be exemplary at all times.


All dancers chosen to dance in “The Teen Company” will be expected to fulfill their normal advanced class schedule in the “Upper Division Program” each week. Participating in “The Teen Company” should be considered an extra-curricular activity and may not interfere in any way with your training in any Performing Arts Center program. If your work in your regular classes begins to suffer as a direct consequence of your involvement with “The Teen Company,” a conference will be scheduled with both the Artistic and Teen Company Directors to discuss any problems.


As soon as rehearsals begin, we will start preparing our repertoire for “The Teen Company Show” which will be presented the spring of 2017. The concert will take place in The Performing Arts Center’s “Performance Space” and will serve as a fundraiser for the school. Under the direction of “The Teen Company’s” Artistic Director, you might also be asked to help with the production of the show, which might include programs, tickets, setting up and striking the show. costumes, etc. We feel that this is an important aspect of your training to understand, first hand, what goes into putting a show together. In addition, one company piece will be included in The Performing Arts Center’s shows; “The Gift”, “The Spring Showcase” as well as the “Lower Division Showcases.”
If, at any time, you do not choose to perform in a particular performance, your decision will not affect your involvement in future shows with the company. We do ask that you notify Michelle Elkin in advance of any conflicts in order not to affect other dancers whom may be participating. If you are unable to attend rehearsals the entire month before
“The Teen Company Show” it may compromise your ability to participate in that performance. As you well know, all rehearsals are crucial to ensure each company member’s success.
Additionally, if once committed to a
Teen Company Performance, you choose not to perform, you will be required to meet with both the Artistic and Teen Company Directors in order to continue as a member of the Teen Company. This decision will be made at their sole discretion.


Generally speaking, there will be rehearsals every week . Company members will be working on various concert pieces choreographed by the company’s Artistic Director as well as other guest choreographers - these works will become the repertoire of the company. All dancers will be responsible for all material in the repertoire even if you were not able to attend a rehearsal when those pieces were set. By necessity, there may also be additional rehearsal times needed closer to any performance event. If you are unable to attend a rehearsal prior to a performance, the Artistic Directors from both “The Teen Company” and The PAC will decide, on a case-by-case basis, whether you will be allowed to perform.
Please note:
Every dancer’s commitment and contribution to this or any artistic company is profoundly important and greatly valued; it extends past each member’s own personal desires on any given day. As such, all rehearsals are mandatory. Any dancer who finds it necessary to miss rehearsal, for any reason, must have that absence pre-approved by the Company Director and the Artistic Director. Failing to do so, even once, may result in expulsion from “The Teen Company.” This decision will be made at the sole discretion of The Artistic Directors of both “The Teen Company” and The Performing Arts Center as well as The Performing Arts Center’s Board of Directors.
Additionally, in order to show your pride and appreciation for both the school and yourselves, you will be taking care of the space that you dance in by helping to clean The Performing Arts Center at the end of all rehearsals.


All casting of company repertoire will be decided by each choreographer who sets a piece along with the Artistic Directors from both the “Teen Company” and The PAC. Your work habits, energy, and commitment will play an important role in all casting decisions. If you are unable to attend any rehearsal with a guest choreographer during which they are either choreographing or setting a piece, you may not qualify to perform in that particular dance. This, as well as all company decisions, will be made on a case-by-case basis.


You may be asked to furnish wardrobe from your closet for a show at any given time. If a costume you wear is from The Performing Arts Center’s Costume Department, it will be your sole responsibility to return it in it’s original and clean condition.


The monthly fee for each “Teen Company” member will be $50.00 per month. This stipend will be due on the 15th of each month and payable to The Performing Arts Center. This money will help offset the operating costs to run the company.


In order to protect all of our artist’s work, at no time will any video footage of “The Teen Company” or it’s repertoire be allowed to be published on any electronic media, including but not limited to, facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, etc. without prior written consent from both “The Teen Company” and The Performing Arts Center’s Artistic Directors. All other posting considerations for social media will follow the criterion as stipulated in The Performing Arts Center’s Student Guidelines.