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The Teen Company

With the stated desire to provide an opportunity for the professionally minded student more performing opportunities and as a means to challenge them artistically and developmentally with a company repertoire, The Teen Company was established in 2008 by Michelle Elkin, who serves as Company Director and The Performing Arts Center's Artistic Director, Nanci Hammond.  Every year, in addition to their established repertory of work, which they learn and perform, they also have the opportunity to do new works by professional choreographers who are currently active and successful in their own professional careers. Past choreographers have included, Jason Myhre (Rihanna, Willow Smith), Mark Goodman (Mark Goodman Tap Company), Stevie Ray Anthony, Joseph Malone (Emmy Nominated Choreographer and two time American Choreography Award Winner), Lindsey Lorenz (CSUN Summer Performing Workshop) and Jane Lanier (Tony award Winning actress/choreographer). Additional choreographers who have graced our performances with their work are Jahnna Biddle, Ka-Ron Lehman Brown, Jackie Evans, Beth Iguchi, Marissa Rustowicz, Jillian Schmitz, Lauren Tillery and Terri Yates. They perform in community events around the greater Los Angeles area as well as an annual show dedicated to them in June of every year.