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The Professional Training Policies & Program Guidelines

1). Every artist joins this program with the understanding that in order to create the foundation for a professional career no exact time frame of study can be guaranteed. Upon entering the program all artists understand and agree that their initial commitment to this program is one year. At the end of each year your progress will come up for review. If at that time, it is determined that your work or attitude is not commensurate with the standards of the program, you will be released from this program with no further obligations from us. Additionally, all new members to the program will be on a three-month probation. That is so that we both can determine if this program is a match.

2). Unless pre-arranged in writing, you may only take classes at The Performing Arts Center. Attending all of your classes is mandatory. Even one unexcused absence may result in dismissal from this Program. All class schedules and class schedule changes must be discussed and approved by the Program Director, personally. No one else may change your schedule.

3). Each artist in this program will be required to take all of their classes and participate in all of the activities designed for your professional training. All of your work or school time must be arranged around your class schedule.

4). All artists in this PTP must be dressed and in the classroom, ready for class, at least 15 minutes before class begins. If you are not here and ready, you will be considered late for class.

5), All members of this program must always be dressed in appropriate class attire.

Appropriate class attire is as follows:

Ballet: leotard, tights and ballet shoes

Jazz : jazz pants, tights or leggings (no sweat pants). Any top that does not cover the waist and hips, and jazz shoes

Modern : tights or leggings (no sweat pants), any top that does not cover the waist and hips

Tap : Tap shoes; Clothes: Teacher’s discretion

Street / Hip-Hop: Tennis shoes
Clothes: Teacher’s discretion

6). If you are not prepared for class, be it singing, acting, or dance, the teacher will have the option to ask you to leave. If your attitude in class is inattentive or lax in any way, you may be asked to leave class. If any teacher asks you to leave class, for any reason, it could become grounds for your dismissal . If asked to leave a class, you may not take another class at The Performing Arts Center until you have had a conference with the Program Director. Each member of this program is expected to become a shining example of a young professional.

7) Since every artist in the Professional Training Program not only represents themselves but also The Performing Arts Center’s programs, no artist in this program may audition for or be involved in any kind of performance (professional or amateur) without prior consent from the Program Director, personally.

8). As part of your daily training regime, you will be expected to work at The Performing Arts Center, helping clean the school or whatever else needs to be done. If you are scheduled to work and miss your work day (cleaning or desk) without having made prior arrangements with a Program Director or if an emergency occurs affecting a class or work shift and you haven’t called before the time you are scheduled to be here, the opportunity to train in this program may be terminated. Additionally, if there are special events at The Performing Arts Center, you will be expected to change your schedule to accommodate whatever needs to be done at the school.

9). Your serious attitude and ability to understand what is expected of you are among the most important qualities you must possess to be in The Professional Training Program. You will be expected to cultivate a professional attitude in all aspects of your work be it physical, emotional or philosophical. The first time you do not fulfill your agreement with us, you will have a conference with the Program Directors. If you choose to break your commitment a second time, you will be suspended from all classes for a week. During this week you will be required to work full time at the school. The third time we have a problem you will be released from the program.

10). The cost of studying in this program is $ 250.00 a month. This monthly stipend is used for the sole purpose of off setting the cost of this program; specifically to pay the teachers. This fee is due the 15th of each month. If you are unable to pay on time, for any reason, you must have a conversation with Nanci Hammond, personally. Failure to do so could become grounds for dismissal.

All decisions regarding your participation in The Performing Arts Center’s Professional Training Program are left to the sole discretion of the Professional training Program Directors, Artistic Director, Administrative Director and the Board of Directors. We collectively and individually reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.