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The Performing Arts Center feels that there is no more noble use of one’s art than to both give hope to those with whom you engage everyday, as well as to contribute in some meaningful way to the community in which we live. We are now and have always been involved in supporting as many community events as we can. These include, Aids Project Los Angeles, the National Children’s Leukemia Foundation’s Dance Power and Ninja Power Programs, Fundraisers for the Retinoblastoma Program at Children’s Hospital, Concerts to raise money for the homeless in Los Angeles, The Red Cross, and victims of Hurricane Katrina. We also regularly donate rehearsal space to local schools in the hope of helping develop our next generation of artists.

Additionally, we encourage our Upper Division students to become mentors in the NCLF’s Dance Power Program and seek every opportunity for The Teen Company to perform in community events in and around the Greater Los Angeles area throughout the year.